Details of District specific scheme run by the Police

PCRs Plan :-

14 Gypsies PCRs and 19 Motor Cycle PCRs are in operation to conduct patrolling during the day and night in shift wise in the entire area of the district for the prevention of crime especially to prevent the property offence. These PCRs are conducting patrolling around the area of Banks, busy markets, other business transaction places etc. during the office hours. These PCRs also conduct patrolling during night hours in residential, markets area etc. to prevent the property offences.

Nakabandi Plan :-

There are Five permanent nakas established in the area of this district, out of them 5 nakas have been established in the area of PS Sadar thanesar on the sensitive points,  These nakas are in operation round the clock. Besides, on issuing the message from district Hqrs. surprise nakabandi is conducted on different time to check the suspected persons & criminals etc.

Sealing Plan :-

A sealing plan has been prepared and  implemented in the area of this district for prevent heinous crime. Whenever, any incidents or occurrence took place, dead lock time has been fixed ensuring quick response of the police. It has been ensured that police will reach within a period of 10 minutes in urban area whereas police will reach within a period of 25-30 minutes in rural area after commission of an incident.

Surprise checks and nakabandi :-

For smooth conduct of patrolling by PCRs, Nakabandi as well as to check the important duties by the checking officer, an action plan has been prepared & implemented. All PCRs duties, Foot Patrolling, Night and dusk patrolling, escort guards, Standing Guards & PS/PPs duties are being checked by the checking officers regularly. Besides this, the hourly location of all duties are recorded by the Control Room and put up to the undersigned for perusal.

Besides above , Burglary Staff and Motor Vehicle Theft Staff have also been constituted in this district  to prevent the crime.